Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 3: Class Sessions

I've learned more about the class sessions as I've gone through the past few weeks. I went to all of the classes and listened to the teacher drone on and on. I couldn't help but be frustrated over the dare I say stupid questions the students asked in the chat box. I read some of the questions and kind of laugh at how obvious the answer was. For example, someone asked if we would be learning about the World Wars in world history. The World Wars are world history so of course we would learn about them. It kind of annoyed me how much some of the other students talked in the chat box just to talk. I am trying to py attention, but it's a bit difficult when I see a new message pop up ever minute. Sometimes the students would talk so much and be so off topic that the teacher would disable the chat box. I think that is a bit immature for 15 turning 16 year olds.

I learned that I didn't have to go to all of the classes all the time. I'm just going to go to the one that are useful and will help me. If I need help then I'll go to the class and I'll go to the required classes for my honors classes. Sometimes I found that I was spending an hour on a lesson that would have taken less. I started homeschooling to get away from that so I stopped going to the ones that weren't necessary. I'm just going to be smarter in choosing which classes to go to and only go to the classes that will benefit me.

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