Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week 2: School Supplies

My school supplies arrived this week! They came just in time as I will be starting science labs next week. I got all the normal school supplies a student going to school would get. My supplies include:
  • a history textbook
  • a kit with all the things I will need for every science lab this year
  • a science textbook
  • a math textbook with a compass and protractor
  • a book to read for English
  • a vocabulary book for English
  • a book with short stories and poems for English
  • and an English to Spanish Dictionary

I use most of my supplies daily, but others not so much. Some of my books just sit on the shelf and don't really get used. I find that most of the time the lesson online is a lot easier to understand than reading out of a textbook. It is nice to have a textbook for extra clarification if I need it. Along with getting my supplies I also got a freshman English set of books. Since I was accidentally put into the wrong English class at the beginning, I got a set of books for that class as well. I had to email my counselor and let her know. She mailed me the postage stickers to return them. That was just a minor issue and I was glad that it was quickly taken care of. Now, I just have to mail the box back.

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